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Hecaton is futuristic action rogue-like set on Titan, a terraformed moon of Saturn.  Play as a Bounty Hunter and fight your way through an army of space pirates, wildlife, and more.  Survive as long as possible to unlock new Keystones that upgrade your character and attacks.

Key Features

  • Fast and Smooth Gameplay: Movement and combat have been designed to feel great.  Moving smoothly around the environment while weaving in attacks and dodging enemies skillfully is the crux of the game.
  • Player Gameplay Customization: If you do well enough, you might find a Keystone at the end of your run.  Keystones take combat system and lets you customize it to how you like to play.  Do you want your attacks to cause Damage Over Time?  Maybe you prefer if certain attacks reset the cooldown of others to form an endless chain of onslaught against your foes?  Maybe you prefer a more defensive, tanky style?  Find and equip the Keystones that best fit you.
  • Tough as Nails Difficulty: Hecaton definitely has a learning curve that might feel steep at first.  But if you stick with it, you'll start to dodge bullets while raining destruction like a pro.


  • Keyboard and Controller are both supported and can be reconfigured.

Update 0.3.11 Patch Notes

  • Decreased enemy spawn time for the first 5 minutes.  
    • Hecaton is meant to be hard, but the initial few minutes of a run were a bit unfair due to the overwhelming amount of enemies that could potentially spawn.  Standard spawn rate begins after 5 minutes to help players prepare for the coming onslaught.
  • Patriot now has full air control while attacking with Flurry.
    • The obvious exception to the rule is Rocket Jump.
    • Attacking on the ground will still lock Patriot in place.
  • Increased the width of mousable areas in all Menus.
  • Mouse clicking near the left-hand side of Video and Audio Options will now cause them to decrease.
    • The previous 2 changes are some Quality of Life additions to the Menus.
  • Fixed a bug where the Highest Level Reached was displaying incorrectly in the Game Over Screen.
  • Fixed a bug where Keystone Rarity and/or Keystone Level were displaying incorrectly in the Game Over Screen.
    • Both of these bugs were display bugs and did not affect any saved data.

What's Next for Hecaton

I've begun working on the game's second playable Bounty Hunter.  Although I can't say much yet, I believe that her gameplay style is a nice complement to Patriot's high-movement melee style.

Hecaton is still in early Alpha development.  Version 0.3 contains 1 playable Bounty Hunter, 1 tileset with 3 maps, 3 bosses, 30 items, and 12 unlockable Keystones. 

Stay tuned for more developments coming soon!


Music Credits:

"Rogue Planet", "Dark Wave", Razor Strap" by Kevin D. Hartnell www.kevinhartnell.com https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

Install instructions

Download and run the Hecaton.exe file to begin playing.


Hecaton_v0311.zip 14 MB

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