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Hecaton is futuristic action rogue-like set on Titan, a terraformed moon of Saturn.  Play as a Bounty Hunter and fight your way through an army of space pirates, wildlife, and the clandestine Morai.  Brave the surface of Titan and begin your descent to find the Pirate Base and your ultimate goal.

Key Features

Combat With Depth

Hecaton's combat system provides a depth of attacks from the beginning of the game.  Unlike many Rogue-likes that have overly simplistic combat systems, each of Hecaton's playable Bounty Hunters has an array of specialized moves that provide a unique player toolset to battle the dozens of enemies standing in your way.

Player-Driven Progression

Fatestones are chosen during every Level Up.  This choice allows players to progress their Bounty Hunters the way they want to rather than rely entirely on randomness.

Every Run Is Different

Enemies will increase in Power and Complexity as time goes on.  Random Enemy Modifiers ensure that each group of enemies provides a challenge unique to your run.  


  • Keyboard and Controller are both supported and can be reconfigured.

Update 0.5.7 Patch Notes

  • Added Shrines
  • Added Shrine-specific Fatestones
  • Reduced Patriot's Rocket Jump Cooldown
  • Reduced Sonja's Trap Toss Cooldown
  • Small Chests now spawn randomly
    • Larger Chests still have fixed spawns
  • Improved Particle System
  • Adjusted Difficulty

What's Next for Hecaton

The demo version of Hecaton includes 2 fully playable Bounty Hunters and 2 Levels.  The full version will be announced at a later date.

Hecaton is still in active development.  Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!  Have any comments on the game?  Feel free to send me a message.


Music Credits:

"Rogue Planet" - Kevin D. Hartnell
www.kevinhartnell.com https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

"Defense Matrix" - Vyra

"Death is a Mercy" - Aes Deniz



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