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Hecaton is futuristic action rogue-like set on Titan, a terraformed moon of Saturn.  Play as a Bounty Hunter and fight your way through an army of space pirates.  Brave the surface of Titan and begin your descent to find the Pirate Base and your ultimate goal. 

Fight an Army that mutates over time

Hecaton's enemies grow harder with time.  The longer you play, the more the enemies begin to mutate and gain new attacks like explosions, magic, clouds of poison, and much more.  

How far can you get in a single life?

You've got one life to make it to the end.  Use your wits and skill to survive the depths of Titan.

Find powerful Gear and Items

Titan contains a wealth of powerful Equipment waiting to be found.  Turn the scales on your enemies with Gear, Items, Perks, and more!


  • Keyboard and Controller are both supported and can be reconfigured.

Update 0.6.0  Patch Notes

  • Added Compass
    • The Compass points to the next Transmitter or Teleporter
  • Added Trinkets
    • Trinkets alter player Stats in various ways
    • Player Stats and equipped Trinket are now shown on the Pause Screen
  • Shrines now give permanent Stat bonuses or penalties
    • Previous Shrine buff system has been removed
  • UI has been redesigned
  • Altered many animations and particle effects
  • Adjusted Difficulty

The demo version of Hecaton includes 2 fully playable Bounty Hunters and 2 Levels.  The full version will be announced at a later date.

Hecaton is still in active development.  Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!  Have any comments on the game?  Feel free to send me a message.


Music Credits:

"Rogue Planet" - Kevin D. Hartnell
www.kevinhartnell.com https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/

"Defense Matrix" - Vyra

"Death is a Mercy" - Aes Deniz


Install instructions

Download and run the Hecaton.exe file to begin playing.


Hecaton_v060.zip 37 MB

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