Hecaton Update 0.3.11

Update 0.3.11 Patch Notes

  • Decreased enemy spawn time for the first 5 minutes.  
    • Hecaton is meant to be hard, but the initial few minutes of a run were a bit unfair due to the overwhelming amount of enemies that could potentially spawn.  Standard spawn rate begins after 5 minutes to help players prepare for the coming onslaught.
  • Patriot now has full air control while attacking with Flurry.
    • The obvious exception to the rule is Rocket Jump.
    • Attacking on the ground will still lock Patriot in place.
  • Increased the width of mousable areas in all Menus.
  • Mouse clicking near the left-hand side of Video and Audio Options will now cause them to decrease.
    • The previous 2 changes are some Quality of Life additions to the Menus.
  • Fixed a bug where the Highest Level Reached was displaying incorrectly in the Game Over Screen.
  • Fixed a bug where Keystone Rarity and/or Keystone Level were displaying incorrectly in the Game Over Screen.
    • Both of these bugs were display bugs and did not affect any saved data.

What's Next for Hecaton

I've begun working on the game's second playable Bounty Hunter.  Although I can't say much yet, I believe that her gameplay style is a nice complement to Patriot's high-movement melee style.


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Apr 15, 2018

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